Join us for the 2020 KAN Conference

Count Me In:  Diversity and Inclusion in Our Adoptive Families and Communities

 Virtual Event for Adoptive Families 



Saturday, November 7, 2020            9:00AM to 12:30PM EST

 VIRTUAL Kids' Adoption Network   Conference! Now just $25 per   ADOPTIVE family! 


 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. We look forward to seeing all registered adoptive families virtually on Saturday, November 7, 2020!

This event is exclusively for adoptive parents and children &   teens who have joined their family through adoption. ♥

 To offset the cost for adoptive families, we are pleased to   announce that we have reduced the registration fee to $25  per family to attend our VIRTUAL Kids' Adoption Network   (KAN) Conference.

New this year:  C.A.S.E.’s Annual KAN Conference is going virtual!   Count Me In: Diversity and Inclusion in Our Adoptive Families   and Communities will be a fun, busy and interactive morning of  exploring how the issues of diversity and inclusion impact adoptees, adoptive families and the communities that we belong to.  Relevant for all adoptive families, whether built through domestic or international adoption, whether or not identifying as transracial or transcultural, we will work to  deepen our understanding and strengthen our tools to combat the effects of racism and build our capacity to ensure that our children grow up with support surrounding their true lived realities.

Family Project :  Virtual Quilt : Colors of Diversity: This year we are offering a family project that will enable families to virtually join and be represented in the larger adoptive community by creating and contributing a square to our Virtual Quilt. Quilting traditions exist in many cultures and quilts often tell a story or carry symbolic meaning. With all this in mind, we want to invite each family to help us build a Virtual Quilt to highlight the rich diversity of our adoptive families.  

All the materials needed and instructions will be mailed to each family registered for KAN 2020.  Families are asked to work on their family project before November 7th so that they can upload a photo of their finished square before the day of the KAN Conference.  We will then close out the KAN Conference with a slideshow of the finished family project pieces.  After the KAN Conference the finished quilt squares will be assembled, electronically, into a Virtual Quilt.  C.A.S.E. will be featuring the Virtual Quilt on our website to honor adoptive families everywhere. All families will receive a final copy of the virtual quilt with some instructions for further outreach in our communities .

C.A.S.E. Thanks Our Sponsor:

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    8:30AM - 9:00AM EST..............Log into Conference

  • 9:00AM - 10:30AM EST...............Parent Workshop

  • 10:30AM - 10:45AM EST..............Break

  • 10:45AM - 11:00AM EST..............Welcome for Everyone

  • 11:00AM - 12:00PM EST....1st - 12th Grade Workshops

  • 12:00PM - 12:30PM EST...............Closing for Everyone


Inside KAN

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1st - 6th Grade


Each 1st to 6th grade workshop will kick off with a percussion experience led by one of an assembled team of master drummers and teaching artists. The drum masters, all equally experienced, will lead youth in interactive percussive workshops designed to teach basic rhythms while encouraging each youth’s individual sound and create inclusive musical space.

A diverse team of C.A.S.E. clinicians and co-leaders will then engage each small grade-related group in activities designed to spark increased sense of pride in each youth’s identity, a sense of connection and community with other participating adoptees, while also encouraging openness to the diversity of their peers and the diversity within their family.

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Parent Program


Experiencing and Talking About Race and Racism
in Adoptive Families

C.A.S.E is pleased to bring the expertise of Astrid Castro. Astrid is the founder of Adoption Mosaic with over 20 years leading youth groups and presenting workshops on transracial parenting. She is the co-author of Adoption in the Movies. Astrid’s personal experiences as an adoptee, a woman of color and growing up in a white family and community have fueled her passion for this work.  Working with Astrid will be Jenna Corriveau.  Jenna has over 15 years of experience working with children and families with expertise in family, animal-assisted, and play therapies, and parent-coaching.  Jenna’s path was inspired by her own personal journey as a Colombian Adoptee growing up in a white family.

In this workshop we will discuss race/racism and the diversity of adoptive families using both large and smaller break-out group discussions.  Adult Adoptee facilitators will support parents in small break-out groups in ways to talk about race and racism, how to identify these issues in the home, and how to open communication within the family.

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7th - 12th Grade Workshops


This year, Astrid and her Adoption Mosaic team of adult adoptees will co-lead with C.A.S.E. adoption competent clinicians the 7th to 12th graders in thoughtful discussions of how they experience issues of identity and inclusion in their families and larger communities.

Participants will hear stories from the adult adoptees and be invited to interactively engage within an adoptee-centric space.  Opportunities for exploring racial awareness and experiences of diversity will also be presented.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each family will need to have at least one tablet, laptop or desktop with internet access. The conference is being offered over Zoom and each registered family will receive a Zoom invite prior to the conference.  If family members are using more than one device at a time during the conference, it will be important to be sure your household has enough bandwidth to support multiple Zoom connections. 

1st-6th graders will need to have something percussive for the drumming circle portion of their workshop.  It can be a drum, a pot, a box, a bucket, or anything that they can hit with their hands to create a beat.


Each participating adopted child will need access to a tablet, laptop or desktop computer and a quiet personal space to be able to fully engage with their workshop. We have scheduled the youth workshops after the parent workshop so that parents are available to help their children get initially set up for the workshop.  It is important that 7th-12th graders be situated somewhere where they can have privacy and not be disturbed.

1st-6th graders will need to have something percussive for the drumming circle portion of their workshop.  It can be a drum, a pot, a box, a bucket, or anything that they can hit with their hands to create a beat.

This year we have created different youth programs, depending on the grade of your child(children). 1st-6th graders will have the opportunity to participate in a percussive workshop designed to engage and bring everyone joyfully into our space.  They will then have specifically designed activities meant to encourage connection and discussion about what diversity and inclusion means to them.    7th-12th graders will have the opportunity to connect with others in small groups of adoptees to hear stories and share should they choose.

KAN 2020 is meant for any and all adoptive families, whether domestic or international adoption, transracial or not, transcultural or not. We ask some specifics about your family’s adoption specifics so that we can serve each participating family member in the best way.

Email us at, if you have other questions about the KAN Conference.