Why Is Everyone Talking About Brain Science?

Length: 1 hour, 30 mins. 48-hour access begins upon checkout.

A Parent-Friendly conversation about the Neurobiology of Trauma

In this webinar, we will make brain science simple and you will come away knowing why it is so important to understanding and parenting children who have experienced trauma and loss. You’ll hear about what parents can do to most effectively address what is going on in children’s brains and bodies and how to find pathways for healing, joy, and a more powerful relationship.

Presented by Laura Ornelas, LCSW, Director, C.A.S.E. Academy for Advancing Clinical Practice in Permanency

Laura Ornelas, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker and has dedicated her career to foster care and adoption for 30 years. After a decade of child placement work in Los Angeles, Laura was inspired to support families on their lifelong journeys and has started numerous adoption/ permanency specialty mental health programs focused on relationally based healing. Laura is a nationally respected trainer and writer, mother to 2 teenagers, and remains passionate about broadening collective understanding of children’s development to include loss, trauma, attachment, and intersecting identities.