W.I.S.E. UP! for Parents: Empowering Children to Handle Questions/Comments About Adoption

Length: 1 hours, 30 mins. 48-hour access begins upon checkout.

Parents often report feeling “caught off guard” when confronted with questions and comments about adoption. They often regret how they responded. If adults feel so vulnerable, imagine how challenging it is for children to be asked such questions as: Where are your REAL parents? Why don’t you look like your mother? Why are you adopted? I’m glad I’m not adopted. These questions/comments can be troubling, confusing and extremely wounding.

To empower BOTH foster and adopted children to handle comments and questions about foster care/adoption, C.A.S.E. developed the W.I.S.E. UP! tool. This program teaches adopted children that they can decide if, when, and how to share their adoption story. By popular demand, C.A.S.E. staff has traveled extensively to teach W.I.S.E. UP! to adoptive families. Children across the country and in England, Scotland, and Australia have embraced its simplicity and power. Former C.A.S.E. Adoption-Competent Therapist, Ellen Singer, LCSW-C will share what parents need to know to effectively teach W.I.S.E. UP! to their children.